EP Ants
  About Us
We quickly realized we have a whole bunch of advantages working with optimized cooperation between a highly skilled engineering team and a highly skilled manufacturing team. Now we are capable of planning, designing and producing solutions which exactly meet our customers' demands. In fact, with such teamwork we are now in a position to guarantee what we believe to be the highest possible level of our business partners' satisfaction.

This is why we founded the company EP Ants GmbH. The Company is located at Kolmergasse 30, 91171 Obermässing and has been up and running since the 1st of April 2007.

The two founders of the company are Rick A.Taylor and Josef Frank. Rick is responsible for the planning and designing part.

Our Engineering team have collectively amassed a huge level of experience in manufacturing customized design solutions, above all in the area of test sockets, burn-in-sockets, connectors and individual contact solutions and also in semi-automated test systems, tooling, moulded parts and vacuum mouldings. We also have a team of experts who are specialized in building up customized moulding, stamping, hard metal and vacuum tools.

Our facilities include a tooling shop, engineering, milling and moulding shop under one roof to ensure the shortest possible ways. This helps us generate the high quality level we provide our customers with in record time. In addition, we have a second location with a milling shop for high precision and five axis parts and a vacuum moulding shop with an integrated assembling shop.

All our work is certified to the DIN ISO 9001 standard. The production for our tools is fully automated by a robotic system. The complete factory is air-conditioned to guarantee a constant and stable environment for the production.

We have successfully streamlined the unique experience of our manufacturing and our engineering specialists with the simple goal of becoming the prime supplier for our customers.

Give us a call and experience the comfort and quality of our services, too!